Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hello my darlings and welcome to our blog.
After many years of dream travelling, Funded, obviously, by the inevitable lottery win. We suddenly woke up to the realization that we are NEVER going to win the lottery.
So in the spirit of "getting on with it" we rushed out and bought a caravan. A small but perfectly formed, 10 year old, Bailey Ranger, which, like its new owners is in a remarkable state of preservation.
After some tinkering with the interior, all GREEN carpets, PINK velvet curtains and YELLOW upholstery (tell me there is a special corner of hell reserved for caravan designers) Now changed to a quiet, tastefull biscuit.
We are OFF at the end of March, to explore Italy for a couple of months.
Our first destination is the Dolomites in the North for the last few weeks of the ski season and then ...........Who knows watch this space.
All suggestions of unmissable places are very welcome.