Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Here comes the sun

The impending reduction in the feed in tariff sent us into overdrive.
The reduction is only a small percentage but over 20 years amounts to a lot of money.
After a complicated jig involving installers, deliveries, scaffolds an so on, it all came together in two days. The solar panels were installed and commissioned just in time to qualify for the higher tariff. Phew.

Thrilled to be generating 16Kw a day in the first sunny week of installation.
Totally different approach to using electricity and spent the first few days switching electrical appliances on instead of off .The feed in tariff pays you for half of what you generate so if you can use it all yourself your quids in.
We all recognize the need to make a rapid transition from dependence on fossil fuels to renewable energy. As individuals it signify s one less household dependent of fossil fuels. One less household  dependent on irresponsible energy companies  exploiting our beautiful Earth.   One more household contributing to saving the planet.