Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Overture and starters for ten.

So here we are, moved in with the bare essentials, and all the good stuff (art, music, books etc) in storage.
Our long held dream of finding an old house to eco renovate is at last coming true. Be careful what you wish for.
Fully immerse ourselves in the maelstrom that is architects plans, building control, green technologies and the integration thereof. The shamefully cynical and wholly inadequate Green Deal (a complete waste of time) and the frequently fruitless quest for a builders quote,  (if you ask six you may end up with the recommended three) Its all slow slow slow, and very draining.
We must be able to work so press on with is the building of our new garden studio. Once the kiln is set up in the garage we clear away the broken down old summerhouse and garden shed.
Nothing beats a bit of demolition for tension reliving therapy and provides us with enough combustibles for a roaring bonfire.

Andy is in his element preparing the groundwork’s. Laying in mains water pipes and electricity. Frustratingly I am forced into a supervisory role due to very recent heart surgery. The sidelines is not my natural habitat.
A hired concrete mixer is a joy and goes right to the top of Andys Christmas wish list.

The bits arrive for the 3 X 6 mtr wooden shed from Dunster House Constructions wiz along and are completed in 4 exhausting but satisfying days.

Paint the outside as we build ( something I can do Yay) with Sadolin extra durable wood treatment in black. A favourite colour for all garden buildings, it makes them recede into the background and stops them dominating the space.

Inside we add extra velux windows on the north facing side and insulation in the roof and floor.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Its good to be back

Hello my darlings, long time no blog.
As my dearly departed mother used to say, time flies whether your having fun or not.
So a quick recap on the last 5 (yes read it and weep) FIVE years.
We got back from our Italianate adventures safe and sound.
Though we absolutely LOVE the place, ultimately it is as infuriating as it is breathtaking.
Living there is not an option.
We have enjoyed a few shorter visits in between. The Venice bianalle (of course). Back to Florence and we always ski in Alta Badia as many times as we can afford every year.
Now we have sold our B and B and have moved to an unreconstructed  mid century chalet bungalow just round the corner. Great views over a tidal salt water lake and far enough away from the clanging church bells for us to enjoy them.We are at the planning stage of an eco renovation, knocking out all the ground floor walls and installing solar thermal, Solar voltaic panels, an air source heat pump. Air and rainwater recycling and underfloor heating throughout and insulating, insulating,insulating.
Lots of folks have asked us to blog the eco House, studio/ garden renovation so here we go.