Sunday, 7 June 2015


Fun but exhausting few days setting up Mix3d Stitch first open studio show.
Exciting work from three talented makers.

Hilary Grayson, Textiles
Jane Charles, Textiles
Yvonne Elliott , Textiles
3 Station Road
MK18 3DZ
Tel: 07967 742598

6th/7th June. 12th/13th June/ 20th June 
Saturdays 11am-5pm Sundays 11am-5pm

Get along there if you can but be warned,you will want to take a lot of the work home with you and the prices are very accessible.! Just look at the enthusiastic crowd at the private view.
For lots more pictures gp to

Monday, 1 June 2015

Done and dusted

Finishing the roof shingles at great cost our knee joints.
Add the guttering and rainwater butts and its time to finish off the inside
The natural birch proves a bit too woody so blond the walls with Liberon white wood stain.
Have a therapeutic edit of all the studio junk we have collected over the years. 
You have to be ruthless.
Dig ourselves out from a mountain of mug hooks and get them into the wooden walls, easy peasy.
Its great to have enough space to show the many samples that never make it to the website. 
Find a new home for our garden pots,topiary box and lilies in pots and were done and dusted.
Our first major project in the new house under our belts. Time to start planning the garden.
Pop in and visit the studio anytime , just let us know in case were walking Molly.
We love an excuse to stop for a brew.