Thursday, 29 October 2015

We've been to the Venice Biennale so you don't have to.

October every other year finds us in Venice for the Biennale as my birthday treat.

Highlight of this year was the Japan Pavilion. Two wooden  boats in a complex web of red yarn, hung with thousands of keys, packed an emotional punch and tangled our hearts in its webb.
The Russian pavilion opened with a typically understated piece of Russian bravura.The face in the respirator was animated and followed you as you moved around. 
Canada recreated a backwoods shop with all the merchandise boxes and labels just off focus, very disconcerting and a re imagined painters studio with lots of jolly paint dribbles,. Fun Fun Fun.
We loved the Australian pavilion. packed with multiple collections of crafted objects with leaves and money, old sardine tins, bread and driftwood.

The weather was  heavenly so we took a trip along the Brenta canal where many Venetian patricians built the summer houses. The first visit to the  gem Malcontenta by Andrea Palladio set the bar too high for what was to follow so we jumped ship after a couple of hours and fortified by a canal-side lunch hopped on a bus back to Venice.