Monday, 16 November 2015

Progress report.

The house renovation is plowing on with a noisy, dusty, relentlessness that's has us reeling in its wake.
Upstairs now has windows and we've moved into our lovely new lake view office.
The smallest room in the house is now handsomely clad in our Blue Orbis tile collage.

Our state of the art boiler is installed and working and looking for all the world like a miniature Pompidou center.

All of the main walls are down and out and the debris that hasn't settled on our hair and clothes has been expensively hauled away in an ever growing convoy of skips. The main beam has been installed Phew and were getting a feel for the final space at last. 

Our kiln room is finally up and running and currently providing excellent extra service as a field kitchen.
Onward  and upward.

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