Monday, 30 November 2015


Time to fit the underfloor heating system and in spite of a lengthy planning process
 ( we started in April) its been the most disorganized and harem scarem part of the build.
After much head scratching, many phone calls, endless discussions and an eternity of reading installation manuals by our installers, the cassettes are finally laid on the whole of the ground floor. Progress .

More phone calls, more head scratching and even more reading and the water pipes are 
eventually slotted into the cassettes.
And all pipes connected to the manifold
We recognize our two fitters have no chance of successfully pouring the huge amount of screed unaided and press our genius plasterer and mate into service. It was not a high tech process.

Eventually all the tubes are submerged into 22ml of screed ( or at least most of them).We are now waiting for the installers to decide when thy can return and commission the whole system.
Commitment phobic, its like trying to get blood from a stone. Meanwhile all other trades are on hold till we have the floor died out and we are living in the arctic wastes of an unheated house. Not nearly as much fun as the film. Let it go, let it go.

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